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Frequently Asked Questions
How do we contact you?
  • If you have made a payment, you will get our email address in the confirmation page.
  • You can comment on any part of the site
  • Use the chat widget on the Chat with us page... 
How do you find out what your MEP Number is??
First go here to see the  Mep Reading Tutorial
After you have read the above tutorial  Click here to figure to use the MEP Calculator

What does unlocking a phone mean?
Mobile Phone Networks/Carriers/Providers lock the cell phones they sell so that they could only be used with their network i.e. only with their SIM cards. After unlocking your phone using our services you will be able to use your cell phone not just with your current network provider but with ANY other GSM network worldwide without any restrictions.

What are the advantages of unlocking my phone?
The main advantages are:
* Instead of paying for a new phone when you switch network, you can keep your old phone (as long as both networks use GSM technology).
* You can purchase a phone locked to a different network and use it with your own SIM card and service.
* You no longer need to pay extortionate roaming charges when you go abroad. Simply unlock your phone and then purchase a prepaid domestic SIM card at your destination and receive the same low call rates as locals.
* No risk of damaging your phone.
* Increase the resale value of your phone.
* Instant phone unlocking with no technical knowledge required.
* There is no need to mail in your phone to us.
* Unlock your mobile phone from the comfort of your home or office from anywhere in the world.

What is my phone's IMEI and how do I get it?
A phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is an international "Serial number" for your phone to properly identify it. Your IMEI can be found at the back of your phone behind the battery or by pressing *#06#* it is a 15 digit number.

Will I have to unlock my phone every time I change SIMs
No. Once your phone is unlocked, it remains permanently unlocked, no matter what you do to it.

Is it legal to unlock my phone?
Yes, it is 100% legal to unlock your phone.

Is your unlocking service guaranteed?
Our unlocking service is 100% guaranteed to work or we will issue a full refund.

How do I unlock my phone?
You will see your code on the screen after you have input the IMEI and Mep Number and made the payment ($5) through paypal. Reminder Codes will be emailed to your paypal email address!!

Nothing happens when I type MEPD / MEP2?
Try the following: (note the characters will not appear on the screen when typing the characters)
1. Put any SIM card in the handset. Can be active/inactive. If you already have a SIM in the handset, try a different SIM from a different carrier/provider.
2. Go to Wireless Connections in the main menu and turn off all connections, then follow the unlocking procedure again.
3. Ensure in the personalisation list the NETWORK option is ACTIVE (this means the phone is locked as the network lock is active) if it does not, check the phone is not already unlocked by putting in a SIM from a different carrier.

BlackBerry Storm 9500/9530 - I am having problems entering MEPD and MEP2
Due to the fact you can't see what you're typing in the hidden menus, you should keep trying. For every attempt you must exit the menu before trying again. We recommend hovering over the correct character and then when you can see the correct character light up blue, then click the screen.
Also ensure there is a SIM card in the phone and try the procedure again. This can be any active/inactive SIM card from any network.

I've successfully unlocked the handset but cannot use my phone on the new network??
This can happen sometimes due to a number of possible reasons:
  • Your phone is not compatible with your new network
  • Your sim card is inactive / damaged
  • The Sim card reader on your phone is damaged
  • The software on the phone needs to be refreshed due to some corruption
  • Some cdma / gsm phones have an added lock called SPC / MSL Lock that has to be removed. (We do provide those if needed for an extra cost)
  • Usually the culprit is the different mobile network settings for different networks. i.e: Some networks only work on 3g, some only on 2g.
  • Cdma / Gsm phones like Storm sometimes have options to work on both frequencies, you might have to change from cdma to GSM.
Easiest way to find out your problem is to rule all these possibilities out one by one...

I've successfully unlocked the handset but cannot use BlackBerry Data/Web/Email services / Cellular services...

You will need to contact your carrier and ensure you have a working BlackBerry Internet Service / Bolt on attached to your tariff and that the BlackBerry has registered on their network. This usually is an extra cost and gives you access to the BlackBerry data services. If you already have this service, ask your network to ensure the handset is properly registered and ask them to send the 'Service Books' to the handset which will update any settings you have in the handset. Most carriers have a dedicated BlackBerry support team.
Tip: The following procedure can sometimes kicks the network into action - Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > BlackBerry Logo Button > Register Now

My phone asks to enter a PIN number

For SIM cards with PIN ENABLED you will be required to enter a PIN. This is not the unlocking code that has just been provided. For information concerning the PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2 codes for a SIM card please read the manual that came with your phone or contact your carrier. This is not a handset unlocking issue. And therefore it is not possible for us to assist with this issue

I've received more than one code from you, which one do I use?
 You should have at least 10 attempts to enter the correct code. Goto options / advanced options / simcard - and then type MEPD. Check to see which type of unlock is active. Whichever one is active will require a specific unlock code for that type of lock

How do I enter the different types of codes into my phone?
Each type of unlock code corresponds to a different type of lock on your blackberry. Majority of phone the "Network" lock is the only one active hence only the mep2 (Network) code has to be entered.  This is achieved by entering the characters 'MEP2' into the following screen:
Options / advanced option/ sim card.

My phone only shows 3 tries left and you have sent me more than 3 codes
Please do not enter any codes!! Please contact us using the contact form and let us know this as we may need to read your phone with a small application to verify the 1 correct code or suggest what codes from our experience depending on your model.

My phone shows 0 tries left when asking for the MEP code
If you have received this message, this means that 10 attempts at entering the correct unlock code have been used. Unfortunately in this circumstance the only way to unlock the handset is via a hardware solution at a service centre.

Unfortunately due to the fact that this is an event not in our control and we having fulfilled our responsibility of providing you with the correct unlocking codes will be unable to refund any customer with this issue.

Therefore the responsibility lies with the customer to be certain the information they provide us; namely the MEP-Number and IMEI number are 100% correct before proceeding with the unlocking...