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How to Read Mep Number

How to Read your Blackberry Mep Number:

There are many ways to accomplish this task. We will list the most common three:
  • Use a Mep Number Reader Software
  • Use a Mep Number Calculator
  • Figure it out using the model, Carrier and country of your phone

How to use a software to read the MEP Number (Easiest):
This is accomplished by plugging a data/USB cable into the data/charging port of your blackberry and hooking it up to the computer.  Then you run a special software that reads your Imei number and Mep number from your phone. For a list of available Mep Reading software and instructions to use them; head on over to this Mep Number Reading Software post..

How to Calculate Mep Number without a Datacable (Easy):
This is accomplished by using a Mep Number Calculator.  This can be done online by Entering some information into your phone and navigating some menus.  The detailed instructions for this method can be found here.  

How to know your Mep number by using the Model / country / Network (Difficult):
This is not for the average consumer but rather wireless industry professionals that deal with a lot of blackberry phones.  It's easy to figure out that for example all Rogers phones belong to one of two MEP numbers...

So therefore sometimes you do not even need to reference any software or calculator and you know off hand that the blackberry 9780 from Rogers canada has an mep number : MEP-04626-002. Since except a few older models like the 8700, 8100 etc whose MEp number was  MEP-04626-001 all the other newer Rogers phone come with MEP-04626-002 by default.

This saves a bit of time from going through manually reading the Mep's for any Rogers phone.. This same theory applies to almost any other carrier in the world. Once you deal with a few phones from any given carrier, you start to understand which MEP numbers they usually come with. And if there is that unusual case where you guess the MEP number wrong you can always just follow one of the above mentioned procedures and find out the Correct MEP