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Unlock code for any blackberry worldwide. Blackberry 9800, Blackberry 9700, Blackberry 9780, Blackberry 9500, Blackberry 9550, Blackberry 9630, Blackberry 9650, Blackberry 8300, Blackberry 8220, Blackberry 8100, Blackberry 9300, Blackberry 9100, Blackberry 8800, Blackberry 8700,

Instant Online MEP Calculator - NO Cables required

Use this page to find your device MEP quickly, without any PC connections:
  1. From the HOME SCREEN - hold ALT and type EACE  (you will not see as you type)
  2. Once the information page opens - you need to copy the information into the fields below - DO NOT LEAVE THAT SCREEN
    1. Device Pin: insert the alpha-numeric pin exactly as shown
    2. App Version will look similar to: 4.6.01 (123)  type everything u see spaces, brackets etc
    3. Uptime: Only insert the numbers (don't insert sec ) example: 32949
    4. Key Durration: Set this to 7 Days
  3. Once the KEY IS GENERATED - type it into the same screen you are already on - use the ALT button when pressing #s
  4. Then you will see the ENGINEERING SCREEN CONTENTS
    1. Go to OS Engineering Screen
    2. Go to Device Info
    3. Scroll Down about 37 clicks - it will be in the section AFTER the listing of the BANDS, the list is the SW PARTS LIST
    4. You will see MEP-xxxx-xxx this is exactly the information required to generate the 100% accurate unlock code for your device.

Blackberry Engineering Screen Key Generator

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